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*OPEN SATURDAY during the Summer beginning Saturday, May 31, 2014 through Saturday, August 30, 2014.


We are excited to announce that, on October 10, 2012, the NY State Board
of Regents issued a provisional charter, officially designating us as the George
C. Bullis Memorial Library. Prior to that, the library was designated as a
reading room.

What does this change in status mean? It is a first step in our effort to meet
the interests of all Maybrook residents by improving and expanding our
resources and services. Mayor Dennis Leahy, Trustee James Barnett, and
Library Director Greg Syrianos were instrumental in promoting the process
of becoming an official Library recognized by the State of New York. As part
of the process, a Library Board of Trustees was formed, with its five members
appointed by Mayor Leahy. Our hope is that eventually the George C. Bullis
Memorial Library will become part of the Ramapo Catskill Library System
(RCLS) which offers services such as interlibrary loans and the ability to
download ebooks, audiobooks, videos and music. The library staff, under the
direction of Greg Syrianos, has been working to bring the Library up to the
specifications of the RCLS in order to prepare for this goal.
The Library is named after George C. Bullis, who served 26 years as mayor of
Maybrook, from 1928 – 1954. It has come a long way from its beginning as
one room in the village municipal building in 1964. The Library has always
been an important part of the community, especially to its children. With the
relocation of the Maybrook Railroad Museum, the Library now has full usage
of the building. Renovations have been underway to create a Children’s Area
Room, complete with wall murals painted by the Valley Central High School Art Class.

Currently, the Library provides a Preschooler Story Time program
on Thursdays, under the direction of Kathy Artusa.
The George C. Bullis Memorial Library currently provides loans of books
(adult, children, fiction, non-fiction) and DVDs. Also available at the library
are magazines, CDs, audiobooks, and internet access. To help provide for all
interests, a survey will soon be available at the Library and the Maybrook
Government Center. Residents can share their thoughts on what they would
like to see at the Library including materials, services, and programs. Also
being discussed are options for communicating what’s happening at the
Library by using media such as newsletter, website, and Facebook.
It’s an exciting time at the George C. Bullis Memorial Library, and we invite
you to come by to see what’s new and fill out the survey. What can the
Library do for you? We’d like to know!